Brisbane, Queensland

About Us

QLD Water Trucks has been dedicated to providing bulk water services as a family-owned business since 2016. Being a complete bulk water delivery service serving the State of Queensland we specialize in water delivery for construction, commercial requirements, swimming pools, potable water delivery (drinking water), general residential construction, and tank fill.

Focused Services but not limited to:

Commercial Construction

Construction companies and miners have been using QLD Water trucks on a regular basis, for dust suppression, street and sidewalk cleaning during commercial construction projects, and environmental protection. Water trucks are used by miners to spray away debris and clean out pits after drilling, assisting them to uncover mineral deposits quickly and efficiently.


Our Water trucks have been a crucial player in the hour of need, be it Natural or Non-natural Disasters, Small or large fires, droughts, or a need for drinking water in healthcare crises QLD Water trucks have and would always be ready to assist.

Swimming Pool Fills

QLD Water Trucks is a fully insured and licensed bulk water delivery company with staff experts that have more than 5 years of experience. We specialize in filling swimming pools, hot tubs, ponds, water rides, and water tanks. We deliver the best quality water available right at your door steps. Schedule with us now and we will fill your pool remove the vacuum and snap in the liner in no time.

Domestic Drinking Water

We are a professional water supplier that provides reliable and convenient bulk water delivery via our fleet of Potable water trucks. Our water delivery is a good solution for homeowners who need clean drinking water. With our fleet of potable and non-potable water trucks, we can easily cater to your specific needs.

Dust Suppression

Use of large water trucks to spray haul roads, material stockpiles etc can lead to labor, operating, and safety complications. With our fleet capability to Spray over the head and down from the bottom we reduce the potential risk from pollutants traveling through the air onto workers at sites and the general surrounding population.

Irrigation & Farming

When even modern water management techniques like drip irrigation, usage of rain guns, and many others are not able to help the farmers, Water trucks are a good way to deliver water for farming. QLD Water trucks have been delivering water to farmers around the Gold Coast area for a long.

Residential Landscaping

A lot of builders and homeowners don’t permanently install an irrigation system and need water for the plants and sod. QLD Water trucks offer this service specializing in delivering reclaimed water for landscape use at residential, and commercial locations saving you money in the long run. We have the capacity to meet all your water requirements, be it small or large.

Water Tank Fills

Get your water storage system filled up at the convenience of a call. At QLD Water trucks – we supply and deliver bulk water for tanks, cisterns, and reservoirs. Our operators adhere to certain standards of quality and punctuality and thus making sure you get quality water for tank fills on time.

We offer 24-hour service and have different capacity trucks that can be hired to deliver water even at odd times.

As Brisbane’s trusted water provider we strive to give you the best, most reliable, and on-time delivery service for a fair price. Whether you need 2000 liters or 50000 liters of water you can leave your water worries on us.

A clear understanding of ecosystem and water situations enables us to provide you with premier service at a reasonable price. QLD Water Trucks always has a fleet of bulk water trucks ready for delivery. You just need to call…

Why Should You Choose Us?

With a Goal to have the safest possible road environment, QLD Water Trucks is dedicated to the safety of its employees, customers, and the public at large. Each water truck is inspected daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, and serviced regularly.

Every truck carries the required safety equipment – fire extinguishers, and safety triangles. All operators wear reflective safety vests, long pants, and sleeved shirts. Operators on construction sites wear hard hats and leather work boots.

Our Safety Officer conducts regular meetings and training with the staff and personally trains new members and owner-drivers. We’re proud of our safety record and review our safety procedures regularly.

Our Fleet

QLD Water Trucks are excellent for construction, civil work, Pool tank fill, watering plants and filling residential tanks. They come with a variety of attachments including various sized lay-flat hoses, 360 degree water cannons, adjustable batter sprays, kerb cleaning sprays, high centre sprays and lower road sprays. You can be rest assured we have the right sized machine for your water requirements with small to large water capacity as a part of our fleet.

Call us to experience how effectively these water trucks can be used for your projects around Brisbane and Gold Coast

Recycle Water truck

Available for Wet/Dry Hire

Trailer: Water Tanker (Steel)
Type: Recycle Water Carrier
Capacity (ltrs): 8000L, 7000L
Mobile Food License No.: NA
Backflow Prevention: Approved
Ideal for Small job location with limited access

Potable Water Trucks

Available for Wet Hire

Trailer: Water Tanker (Stainless Steel, Poly, Aluminum and Fiber Glass)
Type: Potable Water Carrier
Capacity (ltrs): 13,000L, 12,000L,10,000L, 8000L, 7000L
Mobile Food License No.: NA
Backflow Prevention: Approved

Drinking Water Trucks

Available for Wet Hire

Trailer: Water Tanker (Stainless Steel, poly, Aluminum and Fiber Glass)
Type: Drinking Water Carrier
Capacity (ltrs): 12,000L,10,000L, 8000L, 7000L
Mobile Food License No.: Approved
Backflow Prevention: Approved