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Commercial Water Truck Services

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heavy-duty water trucks

Dust is a familiar sight at construction and mining sites. The control of dust on construction sites have been an issue of concern as the city grows and we experience a high level of construction activity. We do dust suppression using our water trucks to spray haul roads, material stockpiles, and other areas where dust suppression is needed.

We continue to innovate, provide support and find new ways to assist the industry and environment.

Our water tankers can also be used to water fresh sod or seeding.

If you are looking for a water truck for your agriculture land, feel free to reach out to us today for a quote!

Dust Suppression

With the megacity’s construction spree, the state norms are becoming more stringent day by day and you require an expert who understands and is accredited to work under these norms.

Our trucks are well equipped and are expertly maintained to provide you with top-level no hassle service. All our trucks have at least 6 cab-controlled spray heads along with an adjustable side spray. We only use top-of-the-line water systems mounted on our custom chassis.

Some of our trucks come with even 50 feet of hand line and a

nozzle to put the water right where you need it without making a mess.

We can spray down your construction site to eliminate dust, provide water for masonry and concrete work. Pumping systems in our water trucks have plenty of power to reach far out and easily run multiple spray heads at a time. Our drivers are given good training in safety, compaction and dust control.

If you need an expert that can assist you with dust control at your construction site, reach out to us anytime.

Commercial Use

Large fields, to small gardens, to expansive lawns, and more, we provide ideal watering services for your business. With Brisbane’s water restrictions, watering your plants or grass may have become an overwhelming task. Green plants not only enhance your building or business’ ambiance, but they are good for the environment too. If you are concerned about watering your plants due to the drought, we are vigilant enough to meet any water conservation guidelines.

We use non-potable storage tanks that can carry gallons of 100% recycled, non-potable water to your location and will be pleased to create a watering schedule based upon your business needs.

Don’t let watering and maintaining plants become a burden on you. Use the convenience of our reliable water truck services to keep your plants healthy and green.

We also provide bulk, non-potable water in festivals, fairs, municipalities, pond fill ups and more. We are Queensland’s bulk water supplier of temporary water service for offices, campgrounds, Parking Lots, Street Cleaning and more. For more information or queries, feel free to reach out to us today!

Irrigation & Farming

Living life in the rural part of Queensland. we appreciate those who make a living off the land. Thus, we look forward to delivering non-potable bulk water for agriculture to the surrounding rural areas.

Our tankers are fitted with multiple spray heads that can rain down water. We have minimum 400 feet of hose per tanker and longer hoses until 800 feet if necessary, with the capability to water the areas that a regular irrigation system has a hard time reaching.

Our Fleet

QLD Water Trucks are excellent for construction, civil work, Pool tank fill, watering plants and filling residential tanks. They come with a variety of attachments including various sized lay-flat hoses, 360 degree water cannons, adjustable batter sprays, kerb cleaning sprays, high centre sprays and lower road sprays. You can be rest assured we have the right sized machine for your water requirements with small to large water capacity as a part of our fleet.

Call us to experience how effectively these water trucks can be used for your projects around Brisbane and Gold Coast

Recycle Water truck

Available for Wet/Dry Hire

Trailer: Water Tanker (Steel)
Type: Recycle Water Carrier
Capacity (ltrs): 8000L, 7000L
Mobile Food License No.: NA
Backflow Prevention: Approved
Ideal for Small job location with limited access

Potable Water Trucks

Available for Wet Hire

Trailer: Water Tanker (Stainless Steel, Poly, Aluminum and Fiber Glass)
Type: Potable Water Carrier
Capacity (ltrs): 13,000L, 12,000L,10,000L, 8000L, 7000L
Mobile Food License No.: NA
Backflow Prevention: Approved

Drinking Water Trucks

Available for Wet Hire

Trailer: Water Tanker (Stainless Steel, poly, Aluminum and Fiber Glass)
Type: Drinking Water Carrier
Capacity (ltrs): 12,000L,10,000L, 8000L, 7000L
Mobile Food License No.: Approved
Backflow Prevention: Approved