If pure water is your concern, Queensland water trucks are always at your rescue. Queensland water trucks deliver safe and pure water in the least time possible to their customers and make sure to quench their thirst at the earliest. Impure water can prove disastrous for your health and staying away from it as much as possible is the best option. To know if your water is safe to drink or not, follow this article.

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Conditions That Depict Unsafe Water

Below mentioned are the various check measures you can use to determine whether your water is safe to drink or not. Sometimes, it becomes hard, sometimes it gets yellowish and all these conditions need to be reprimanded as soon as possible to avoid having them mess up with one’s health.


Water that is safe to drink should be clear with no smell or awkward taste. One way to tell if your water is infected is to look for turbidity or smokiness. While cloudy water is not necessarily harmful to your health, it could signal the existence of unsafe particles or chemicals.

Slimy Hands After Washing With Water

Hard water is steadily characterized by a buildup of elements like calcium or magnesium, which can leave deposits on your sink, tap, or glass you use for drinking purposes. It might also be the explanation why your hands feel slimy after cleaning them with soap and water, or you have to utilize more laundry detergent to clean your garments.

Hard water is not a sure-fire indication that your water source is polluted or contaminated – in some examples, it is caused by the presence of extra calcium or magnesium, which should not pose any disadvantage — but it might be an indicator of elements like aluminium, manganese, and lead.

Yellow, Orange Or Brown Water

Yellow water could indicate the presence of chromium-6, the cancer-causing chemical might also be an indication of accumulation of iron, manganese, copper, or other metal. If your water comes from a municipal or public system, check to observe whether the yellow tint only comes out while running cold water, which could be an indication that your utility is simply cleaning out its pipes.

Water that is orange or brown could also comprise excess iron, manganese, or lead, or shows the presence of rust, which can be bacteria.

Green Or Blue Tinged Water

Blue or green water is a sign of high levels of copper caused by rusty pipes. Though copper is not bad for you to use in small doses, high levels of copper can produce health problems such as anaemia and liver and kidney defects.

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Smells Like Bleach

Chlorine is gradually added to the water supply to destroy germs and pathogens, but when it combines with other organic compounds it can create a few toxic byproducts.

One of these products, a group of chemicals known as trihalomethanes, has been associated with kidney problems and raised cancer risk. Another, known as haloacetic acids, causes skin annoyance and could also boost cancer risk.

Poor levels of chlorine in the water system can also uncover people with a parasite called giardia that results in diarrhoea, and nausea. Water that senses like bleach could be a sign of extra chlorine in your local system.

Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Water that smells like rotten eggs could comprise hydrogen sulfide, a colourless gas that can commonly occur in groundwater. When this gas is exposed to specific bacteria, it transforms into sulphate, which can cause diarrhoea.

Smells Like Fishes

Fishy-smelling water could be an indication of an extra of barium, a naturally-occurring chemical that can drip into a water supply through drilling. When barium is present above the suggested levels, it could result in increased blood pressure, liver, and heart damage and many more.

Water that stinks fishy might also include cadmium, a chemical found in elements like lead and copper ores, which also leaches into pipes through industrial debris. Exposure to high levels of cadmium in drinking water can affect kidney, liver, and bone defects. 

One beneficial way to test if your water is safe is to drop a glass from the tap and swipe it to another room. After swiping the water around, if it still breathes like fish, it could mean that pollutants are present.

Metallic Taste

Corroded pipes can discharge metals like iron, manganese, zinc, and lead into local water supplies, lending the liquid a metallic, or salty, taste. This can imply low pH levels of the water.

Invisible Contaminants

Several pollutants, including elements like arsenic and nitrates, can not be seen from the naked eye. In many examples, an available drinking water system will include more than one dangerous chemical, making it hazardous for individuals to evaluate all health risks.

The main recommendation is to know your water source and read water quality reports from your provincial utility — even before you breathe bad, taste, or see something bad.

Where To Get Safe Water From?

Well, a water truck trailer is all you need to get pure and safe water delivered to the desired locations on time. Be it a remote area or an emergency situation,  a water trailer is the best option in every possible situation to get the best water delivery services.

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