Brisbane, Queensland


Every industry has its need-to-know and regulations and with more than 7 years of experience in various industries, we understand the nuances of each and have been catering to the following industries.

Bulk Drinking Water

Our Water trucks offer rapid means of hauling safe potable water to areas in need in the case of emergencies and disasters along with delivering Bulk water to households. We have been delivering potable water in homes of Brisbane for the last 5 years.

Our trucks are used to supply construction and mining site workers with fresh water, transport potable water to special events or any other remote location.


We know over 60% of Queensland is in drought. The rural farming regions of the state have been hard hit by these dry conditions.

Our Water trucks have been transporting recycled rainwater to drought-stricken farmlands. The water trucks help maintain irrigation and keep the crops and livestock alive. Our trucks come with long hoses and sprinkler attachments to ensure supply water to dams and tanks or water the land without obstacles. We have been an indispensable part of a lot of farmer’s equipment, protecting them from even the most intense droughts.

Construction & Mining

heavy-duty water trucks

Dust is a familiar sight at construction and mining sites. The control of dust on construction sites has been an issue of concern as the city grows and we experience a high level of construction activity. We do dust suppression using our water trucks to spray haul roads, material stockpiles, and other areas where dust suppression is needed.

We continue to innovate, provide support and find new ways to assist the industry and environment.

Civil Services

QLD Water Trucks have been working with the state to fulfill the water demands of the state for road construction, Gardening, and other civil constructions. We do our part to ensure the safe construction of bridges, and roads, as the soil at these sites needs to be properly compacted into a flat, even surface for which water is an essential requirement. We also provide Water trucks to bring water to rural areas where there are no appropriate fire hydrants and prevent the spreading of the blaze.