Brisbane, Queensland

Residential Water Truck Services

Providing reliable and convenient bulk water delivery for residential use like drinking water, swimming pool water, emergency water, irrigation water, and tank fills and more

Filling Swimming Pools

QLD Water Trucks is proud of its convenient and affordable swimming pool water delivery service perfect for those in need of clean pool water. Pool Owners would relate to this when I say pools take a tremendous amount of water, especially water that is sanitary.

We guarantee that our process for delivering sanitary water to your pool is the quickest in the Brisbane area as we have a large fleet of owned trucks and sub-contractors working with us to deliver water for your swimming pool

We have been working repeatedly with customers for a long time to refill their pool water. Forget the hassle of figuring out how to fill your pool and let us ease the burden for you. With our easy, professional water delivery, you and your family will be swimming and splashing in no time!

Bulk Drinking-Water

QLD Water trucks have been providing Bulk drinking water to Queensland’s homes, ranches, commercial spaces, special events, and more

From homes to companies to Large community events safe drinking water is a must and Our team can provide water tanks of any size, ensuring that you have access to clean water for drinking and sanitation.

We use the best equipment in the industry and with our team of fully-trained and certified drivers.

Our fleet of potable water trucks is in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard and equipped with custom fittings and high-volume pumps ensure that you always get safe drinking water. . Basic checks like Rust and sediments, necessary bleach required are done on a daily basis.

Landscape Watering

QLD Water Truck in Brisbane

Is your garden, field, plants, or grass suffering due to the water restrictions? From large fields to small gardens, to expansive lawns, we provide no-hassle watering services at your doorsteps.

We transfer 100% recycled, non-potable water using our capacity water trucks to your home. We can even send out 1,000-gallon trucks to water your plants and lawns. This way we meet the water conservation guidelines and keep your plants green.

QLD Water Trucks understands how important it is to keep a healthy garden and landscape design.

Give your home’s exterior the care it deserves with our conservative watering services. For more information, please contact us today!

Residential Tank Fill

QLD water trucks at workshop

QLD Water Trucks offers a premium water cartage service for water tanks in Brisbane, Queensland. We deliver the highest grade council-approved bulk drinking water that can be stored in water tanks.

The drivers are trained via approved courses to make sure that your water meets local council regulations and you receive safe and quality residential water delivery for your water tanks.

Contact us for expert support in selecting the water delivery option and we will make sure you have quality water in time.

Our Fleet

QLD Water Trucks are excellent for construction, civil work, Pool tank fill, watering plants and filling residential tanks. They come with a variety of attachments including various sized lay-flat hoses, 360 degree water cannons, adjustable batter sprays, kerb cleaning sprays, high centre sprays and lower road sprays. You can be rest assured we have the right sized machine for your water requirements with small to large water capacity as a part of our fleet.

Call us to experience how effectively these water trucks can be used for your projects around Brisbane and Gold Coast

Recycle Water truck

Available for Wet/Dry Hire

Trailer: Water Tanker (Steel)
Type: Recycle Water Carrier
Capacity (ltrs): 8000L, 7000L
Mobile Food License No.: NA
Backflow Prevention: Approved
Ideal for Small job location with limited access

Potable Water Trucks

Available for Wet Hire

Trailer: Water Tanker (Stainless Steel, Poly, Aluminum and Fiber Glass)
Type: Potable Water Carrier
Capacity (ltrs): 13,000L, 12,000L,10,000L, 8000L, 7000L
Mobile Food License No.: NA
Backflow Prevention: Approved

Drinking Water Trucks

Available for Wet Hire

Trailer: Water Tanker (Stainless Steel, poly, Aluminum and Fiber Glass)
Type: Drinking Water Carrier
Capacity (ltrs): 12,000L,10,000L, 8000L, 7000L
Mobile Food License No.: Approved
Backflow Prevention: Approved