Vacuum trucks in Queensland are a particular type of machine formulated for suctioning numerous liquids into their tank. Vacuum trucks in Queensland are altering the face of excavation in Victoria and South Australia, thanks to their non-destructive procedures

Vacuum loading is the method used for dry vacuum excavation or hydro excavation to suck up the substance to be eliminated into a vacuum truck. Vacuum loading is beneficial for various applications, comprising woodchip removal, brick residue removal, septic tank cleaning, concrete slurry removal, and wet or dry clay removal.

Vacuum trucks in Queensland

What Are Vacuum Trucks Used For?

A vacuum tanker is utilized to suck slurry, liquids, and sludge from an area into its tank. This enables the liquid to be transferred to another area, either a disposal site or an oil transferstation. Vacuum trucks were developed to suction up high-pressure mining slurries and this is where the theory for vacuum excavation arrived from.

The technology is still moderately new to the construction business but is making its effect on the job site.​​ Vacuum trucks are accommodated with high-pressure pipes and suction tubes, implying they are competent in undertaking vacuum clean-up and non-destructive excavation. Vacuum trucks are also utilized to empty bodies or tanks of liquid. This can encompass septic tanks.


One of the enormous jobs vacuum trucks in Queensland can undertake earthmoving. The use of excavation trucks to disassemble the soil on a construction site and roll it into slurry, using water so it can be puffed up and eliminated from the area. This can be done on a small or large scale and then can transfer the earth from the location to be eliminated elsewhere.

 vacuum trucks in Queensland

Dig Holes

Vacuum trucks are also excellent for building large holes for things like poles and posts. This is done more rapidly than other procedures of digging and is stabler for the workers than other procedures. It also establishes a sturdy and uniform place to plant poles and posts, so they are reliable and strong for their objective.

Remove Liquid Waste

When a septic tank or sewage floods or heavy rain loads holes on a building site, the vacuum trucks can suck up the dirt and waste and get it out of the region so clean-up can start or the building can proceed.

How Does A Vacuum Truck Work?

A vacuum truck functions by using a pump to build negative air pressure. Establishing negative air pressure is, in fundamental terms, how suction operates. However, relying on the power of the pump will confide in the stability of the suction. This can be an important element in hiring or selling a vacuum truck as the pump will require being able to suck a span of liquid materials.

For a wet-dry vacuum hire truck to suction product, a suction pipe must be fastened to the tank and pump. These friction pipes are usually three inches in diameter and can vary anywhere from a few metres long to up to a hundred meters long. This enables vacuum trucks to finish vacuum excavation in tight-fitting areas where even the vehicle will not fit

If a water vacuum hire truck undertakes vacuum excavation, a high-pressure pipe is also attached to the truck. One operator then utilizes the high-pressure pipe to break down the equipment, whether it be soil, rock, or gravel. Simultaneously another operator utilizes the suction pipe to eliminate the slurry built.

Typical Uses For A Vacuum Truck

Vacuum excavation firms are most well known for their job with utility firms in discovering their utility lines. This is because they can utilize their vacuum trucks to non-destructively excavate for utilities and suction away the slurry that is departed. This assures that utilities aren’t destroyed and prevents the risk of line attacks.

Small vacuum trucks are also regularly utilized to empty and clean tanks, whether water, septic, or sewerage. This is a job that is remarkable to the vacuum truck industry, as other techniques of emptying tanks are not hygienically clean. By using vacuum trucks to suction the spoil into the tank, it can be transported to another area and disposed of properly.

Benefits Of Vacuum Loading

Vacuum trucks near Queensland loading is a non-labour-intensive procedure of removing debris and waste for a wide range of projects, including excavation, pipe maintenance, construction, cleaning out bunding areas, utility location, environmental spillage, and large tank cleaning projects, and dewatering areas after heavy rainfall and more. As an aspect of non-destructive digging, vacuum loading eliminates only the expected material while vacating the surrounding region and infrastructure undamaged.

With limited operators employed to eliminate debris and waste, and limited expenses expended on insurance and damage improvement costs, vacuum loading is a safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly debris and waste removal technique.


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