Have you ever been aware of the term water trucks or even tank trucks? There are a lot of things you require to know about these trucks before opting for a water truck hire at Brisbane, Gold coast. The article works as a detailed guide to assist you in getting to know everything about water truck hire Brisbane, Gold price and helping you select the right supporter for your business.


A tank vehicle, gas truck, fuel truck, or tanker is a motor vehicle that has been constructed to carry liquefied loads or gases on roads. The majority of these potable water delivery trucks are related to railroad tank trucks which were also manufactured to carry liquefied loads. Many various types of these tankers exist today because of the wide variety of liquids that need to be transported.

Tank trucks invariably tend to be large. They can be isolated or non-insulated, pressurised, or non-pressurized. They are manufactured to be for single or numerous loads. Some tank vehicles are semi-trailer trucks. Remark that these trucks are difficult to drive due to their high centre of gravity.

How Much Water Can Water Trucks Transport?

Did you know that a water truck is provided with a pumping system for loading and off-loading? That is true, this system helps the liquid truck to pump in and pump out any fluid that is needed. Most vessels can hold up large loads that vary from 20 800 litres up to 45 000 litres.

This pertains to the larger tank vehicles. With the smaller trucks the ability to carry ranges from 5000 litres to 10 000 Litres. This all relies on the length of the tank truck and their purpose for what they are desired.

What Are The Benefits Of Renting Water Trucks?

Plus dealing with impending droughts, leasing a water truck can protect you a lot of capital in the long run. Do not wait until you are entirely out of the water before you contact to rent a water truck, this could lead to a complete disaster for your corps for the whole year. You will also experience a massive loss of income.

Water trucks enable you to use the exact amount of water that you require. Water trucks assist farmers to decrease the amount of water waste throughout the year because you are spending money for each drop of water that you utilize.

Why Do Farmers Use Water Tank Trailers?

The main reason farmers began turning to water trucks is due to the intense drought we started to experience. Farmers were trying to keep their crops alive with the water that was accessible on their farms.

They needed to make a plan to get more water, so they started to use a water tank trailer. Water trucks allow you to ship in water from other parts of the country so that you can proceed to keep your crops alive no matter how bare it rains.

What Else Can They Be Used For?

Besides farming, there are a lot of other areas that pursue help from water truck firms in Brisbane. Amazed? Well, continue reading to understand more about the functions these trucks can execute.

Dust Control

Construction and mining locations kick up plenty of dust that would inhibit progress without water tanks with 2,000-4,000 gallon trucks that tamp down dust by following a grading tool that is grounding and preparing the soil for work.

Dusty job location not only slows down work but increases health hazards such as lung irritation, bronchitis, asthma and heart infection, and by moistening dust, water trucks reduce them from the air that miners and building workers are breathing.

water trucks in Queensland


A Water truck tank is particularly useful in remote, rural sites where there are no flame hydrants to help put out fires. These vehicles transport water needed by firefighters to not only regulate fires but dampen fire-prone regions that are likely to be consumed in the fire.

Soil Compaction

The soil must be compressed to build a flat, even ground at the formation site so that buildings, roads, bridges etc. can be constructed safely. When soil is compressed with heavyweight compaction tools like rollers, rammers and vibratory plates, the air component is removed from the soil while keeping the water content intact.

Too much water will make the ground sludgy and dangerous. Too little liquid will not let the dusty soil particles adhere to each other either. Water truck trailer not only furnish a mobile and ready water source at building sites, but they also furnish just the right amount of water to maintain good water to soil percentage to create strong and stable compression.

Construction And Mining

Any job that encompasses excavation raises dust. In a large-scale building or mining operation, the dust may become disobedient, making work tough and presenting health hazards for workers. Trucks are the most productive source of water to prevent the dust from being kicked up by such earthmoving actions.

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